Seamless Design Exchange across CAD, BIM and Design Softwares

BIMDeX is a unit of SrinSoft Inc which provides a platform for effortless design data exchange between various CAD, BIM and Design software packages. BIMDeX has customers all over the globe in various manufacturing and AEC industries.

Data Driven Digital Transformation for Engineering World

Digital transformation is a way for the design, manufacturing, and AEC companies to offer significantly greater value to their customers, employees, and stakeholders by breaking down silos between departments and helping entire organizations work smarter together.  It is about using a connected data platform to make better-informed decisions, drive more innovation, increase productivity, and create new business opportunities.

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Try Our CAD Translation Service For your Short-Term Needs.

Looking for a solution to convert your CAD/BIM models for a short-term requirement or not owning the end software to proceed with the conversion? BIMDeX team can seamlessly get your models converted as a service.

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Learn how top companies like Jacobs, Johnson Controls, Hager, Vossloh, etc. have quickly adopted BIMDeX's BIM Interoperability Solutions to stay competitive and reduce their design time and effort by more than 80%.

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